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Learning a language can take a lot of time and money, and not necessarily lead to the desired result. Make the right choice as not every teacher will find a personal approach to each of their students. In our online school, this issue has long been resolved. Meet our director and instructor Gleb (IELTS certificate, 9 points out of 9). Teaching experience since 2011. It is enough to read our students' reviews to make the final choice. We organize online lessons (IELTS test prep). All classes are conducted remotely via Zoom.
Meet the English teacher Gleb Lantsman
10 years
Teaching experience - over 10 years. 6 years ago he organized an English school, Royal English.
Highest IELTS score
According to the IELTS certificate, he scored 9 out of 9 possible points on the exam.
Study at Harvard
In 2020, Gleb was admitted to a Master's program at Harvard University. His degree is in Technology, Innovation and Education. The degree is online.
We conduct classes for students Russia and the world. Zoom classes are a convenient option for those who value time and comfort.
Gleb finds a personal approach to students. Many years of practice make it possible to ensure the material is clear, and ample opportunity for practice help you destroy the language barrier.
Adapted materials
The training materials we use are carefully curated, with special attention given to the level, speed of memorization, and the demands on the student's time. No textbooks are required in the IELTS courses as all information is provided on the Learning Management System (Canvas).
All our students achieve their goals. When preparing for international exams in English, each of our students gets the required score, usually on the first try.
Check your English level

With us, you can take a written placement test to find out your current IELTS score in the Academic/General modules (free of charge). To commence your studies with us, you'll need to pass the oral test (free of charge). Sign up by phone +7(3822)934-939 or here:
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At different times, students from different companies have attended individual or group lessons with us.
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